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Overseas Solution Services offers high quality products for diesel engine repair and rebuild and/or fuel economy improvements. These products are made in the United States of America and are offered to our customers in Central and South America.

OSS Diesel gives customers a premium Hydrogen on demand fuel cell system, along with one of our fastest delivery time at a lower cost, making our product one of the most economical. As people and businesses around the world become more pollutant free and move to a greener society, OSS Diesel offers products, such as the Hydrogen on demand fuel cell system that will make your automobile or truck more environmentally friendly and more fuel efficient.

Questions and technical support are available to you by either telephone or email.  Click here to send us your question through our contact page.

Overseas Solutions Services is committed to bring their customers located in Central and South America the finest products in new or rebuilt diesel engines, parts, and Hydrogen on Demand HHO gas systems. With customer service as our top priority we are available 24/7 by either telephone or email.  We make it easy to contact us and will answer any question promptly.

Having dealerships in the United States and Chile, Overseas Solutions Services wants to become your partner and premier online market place for all your diesel and Hydrogen on demand fuel cell needs.





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